Marketing & SEO

Marketing & SEO
‘‘ We take pride in the design work we do… Your website design,
its impact on users, and its overall success is our top goal.
The popularity of social websites like youtube, twitter, & facebook, just to name a few, have become quite obvious to all. But only few business’ realize the potential to extend to more customers, and offer user-friendly means of communication with the clients you currently have.
Chris Hawkes helps organizations manage and gain true value from their business content. With customers and partners, we bring together leading Content Experts to capture and preserve corporate memory, automate processes, reduce risk, and improve competitiveness.
Chris Hawkes can help direct your site to an audience better catered for your product and/or website. You will notice a long-term gain in exposure by incorporating this form of unique broadcasting and long-tail marketing into your current practices.
The best way to make a good impression on a potential client or customer, is to make a great first impression. Let Chris Hawkes design your next advertisement or marketing campaign material and see how visual appeal can gain a better relationship with your customers.

So Why Choose Chris Hawkes?

Chris Hawkes provides high-end, creative and professional web design and development. With years of experience, we specialize in providing the high quality design and web development techniques.

Craig F. Stevenson Customer Since 2005
Every once in a while you need a service and stumble upon someone who not only know what they are doing, but knows it all and is priced right.


Web Design

Providing advanced web solutions is what we do, with a track record of dramatically improving success on the internet.

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Graphic Design

Our strong team of designers have the experience, insight, and creativity to expand your site easily and effectively.

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Video & Flash

We have a professional team that can offer you flash based web design & services according to your requirements.

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